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V SAT Services

What is VSAT?

VSAT is a Very Small Aperture Terminal, aligned towards a designated Satellite for up-linking     and down-linking communication signals.

 Why VSAT?

Anywhere connectivity is made possible even at those locations, which cannot be connected through conventional media like copper cable, optical fibre, radio, microwave and any other wire-line / wireless links. VSAT is a versatile solution, not only as a reliable primary link for non feasible areas, but also as a very successful alternate technology for back link. It also offers plethora of telecom services viz. data transfer, internet, voice, video etc.

 What are the components of VSAT?

  • The IDU (In-Door Unit) is a satellite modem which converts IP signals into radio signals.
  • The ODU (Out-Door Unit) consists of Dish antenna, up converter, and amplifier.

 How to operate VSAT Antenna in Mobile Van

  • Before operating VSAT antenna first thing need to be checked is LOS (Line of Site)   clearance in the respective direction of the satellite.
  • Try to park the vehicle in flat surface.
  • Earthing to be done.
  • Deploy the Hydraulic jacks, so that the vehicle will not shake during connectivity.
  • Power supply should be connect to the electric point or start the generator.
  • When power supply is properly checked, switch on the respective MCB inside the mobile van from the power panel.
  • Then switch on UPS and ACU (Antenna Control Unit).
  • In ACU first deploy the antenna, after deploying the antenna enter the required   angle.
  • Once it is done, keep monitoring MODEM (IPSTAR).
  • Finally we need to fine tune the antenna until we get the desired signal, once we get the signal VC can be done.

KSWAN Point to Point VC on V-SAT: Under KSWAN we have 2 Mobile vans  provisioned exclusive use of VC facility to serve departments which do not have their own dedicated VC facility or at the time of emergency situations like floods, riots and other disturbances, the KSWAN shall also provide the facility of mobile video conferencing vans.

These mobile video conferencing vans shall incorporate a VC studio and a van-mounted VSAT connectivity in order to carry out VC sessions from anywhere across the state. One mobile VC van each shall be stationed at a centralized location at North and South Karnataka.

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