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Online Digital Signature Service


Currently personal digital signature requires person’s identity verification and issuance of USB dongle having private key, secured with a password/pin. Current scheme of physical verification, document based identity validation, and issuance of physical dongles does not scale to a billion people. For offering fully paperless citizen services, mass adoption of digital signature is necessary. A simple to use online service is required to allow everyone to have the ability to digitally sign electronic documents.


The eSign Service

      eSign is an online service that can be integrated within various service delivery applications via an open API to facilitate digitally signing a document by an Aadhaar holder. It is designed for applying Digital Signature using authentication of consumer through Aadhaar authentication and e-KYC service.

  • Easy and secure way to digitally sign information anywhere, anytime - eSign is an online service without using physical dongles that offers application service providers the functionality to authenticate signers and perform the digital signing of documents using Aadhaar e-KYC service.
  • Facilitates legally valid signatures - eSign process involves consumer consent, Digital Signature Certificate generation, Digital Signature creation and affixing and Digital Signature Certificate acceptance in accordance with provisions of Information Technology Act. It enforce compliance, through API specification and licensing model of APIs and comprehensive digital audit trail is established to confirm the validity of transactions, are also preserved.
  • Flexible and easy to implement - eSign provides configurable authentication options in line with Aadhaar e-KYC service and also record Aadhaar id to verify the identities of signers. The signature option includes biometric or OTP authentication (optionally with PIN) through a registered mobile in the Aadhaar database. eSign enables millions of Aadhaar holders an easy way to access legally valid Digital Signature service.
  • Respecting privacy - eSign ensure the privacy of the consumer by submitting only the thumbprint (hash) of the document for signature function instead of whole document.
  • Secure online service - The eSign Service is governed by e-authentication guidelines. While authentication of the signer is carried out using Aadhaar e-KYC, the signature on the document is carried out on a backend server, which is the e-Sign provider. eSign services are offered by trusted third party service provider, currently Certifying Authority.



      eSign API and Gateway - eSign Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) define the major architectural components and also describe the format and elements of communication among the stake holders like Application Service Provider, Certifying Authorities, Trusted Third parties, Aadhaar e-KYC service and Application Gateway. This Standard eSign enable Application Service Providers to integrate eSign API in their Application with less effort. CDAC and NSDL are  functioning as eSign Gateway providers.

      Who and where can use eSign - eSign have flexible subscription Model for individual users, business entities and Governments. eSign based on OTP (optionally with PIN) level authentication is suitable where risks and consequences of data compromise are low but they are not considered to be of major significance. eSign based on Biometric (Fingerprint/Iris) level authentication ideal for and risks and consequences of data compromise are moderate. This may include transactions having substantial monetary value or risk of fraud, or involving access to private information where the likelihood of malicious access is substantial.


On-Boarding process:


  • Request from Department: To adopt eSign services, departments need to request for Centre for e-Governance (KRDH) through Letter/ Mail.
  • Get approval: After getting approval from CeG (KRDH), API Specification document and user credentials will be provided to department.
  • API Integration: Departments need to integrate APIs in their Application.
  • Test the application: After completion of integration/development process,application needs to be tested.
  • Move to Production: On success full test cases, CeG will give approval to department for production.


Number of Departments On-Boarded:


Centre for e-Governance DigiLocker              


Bangalore One

Seva Sindhu Project - EDCS Dept


Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department


Backward Classes Welfare Department


Excise Department


Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board





Blockchain of Kaveri(Stamps & Registrations)

Mobile One                                          


Police-Forensic Sceince Laboratary



Department of Pre -university Education

Ground Water Directorate

Public Works Department


KSEEB -Other Exams


Social Welfare Department


Scheduled Tribes Welfare Department




Stamp and registration department

Revenue -BMC

Department of Agriculture Marketing



KIADB - Directorate of Large and Mega Industries.

Karnataka Slum Development Board

Karnataka Housing Board

karnataka Forest Department

Labour Department

SSP-Postmatric Project (DBT)

Registrar of Birth and Deaths

Mangaluru City Corporation

Health and Family welfare Department

Karnataka Udyoga Mitra

Electrical Inspectorate department


Department of Agriculture

Scheduled Tribes Welfare Department

Karnataka State pollution control board

Town and Country Planning Department

Karnataka State Drugs Control Department

Registrar of Co-operative Societies 

Police Department

School scholarship portal

Department of Legal Meteorology


Tourism Department




  CeG as the nodal agency for Aadhaar related services in the state and intends to maintain the technical expertise required for assisting the departments in using Aadhaar and its related sevices and also in the complete end to end integration process. The departments are to be approached to make use of eSign in the software application of the department.The department is required to identify where in the process flow to implement and integrate the eSign services. KRDH will assist the department in the entire process, from the project initiation to the application integration




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