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Government of Karnataka (GoK) is a pioneer in leveraging information and communication technology (ICT) for better governance and is at the forefront of implementation of electronic-Governance (e-Governance) initiatives in the country. The Centre for e-Governance (CeG) is a nodal agency established in the year 2006, under the Societies Registration Act, to steer the e-governance policies and strategies in the state. It is the custodian of the e-governance core infrastructure and basic administrative reform based applications created in the state. In fact, it is unique in the state as it is placed in Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (DPAR) which is directly accountable to the Chief Minister of the state. The services of CeG over the years has proved to be immensely contributive in realizing the benefits of IT for common man. True to the ethos of the IT sector that demands autonomous functionality, the CeG spreads open its wings to various innovative projects aiming to empower citizens through the support of e-Governance. 

Today, the state can boast of state-of-the-art two Data Centers, MPLS technology based Karnataka State Wide Area Network(KSWAN) and core applications such as e-procurement groomed under CeG with cent percent performance quality and standards, even setting certain benchmarks.



Additional Chief Secretary,

DPAR (e-Governance),

Government of Karnataka.

We lead this transforming initiative of the Karnataka Government that aims at helping the government leaders to access high quality global expertise, appropriate technologies, efficient processes and necessary financial resources for designing and implementing transformative projects in the state departments. We are sure the citizens and the state will immensely benefit from our initiatives.


Chief Executive Officer,
Centre for e-Governance.

CeG aims to be a world class institution in guiding governance reforms through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Karnataka. We are poised to set several benchmarks by harnessing the powers of ICTs, knowledge and people for good governance. We will be inspired by the public upon their best benefitting out of our projects.


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