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About CEG


The Centre for e-Governance is a Society setup by the Department of Administrative Reforms (DPAR), Government of Karnataka, under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960. The area of operation of the society extends to whole of Karnataka State. The Society was established in the year 2006. The Centre for e-Governance is an autonomous and independent body setup for conceptualizing, implementing and monitoring of various e-Governance initiatives in Karnataka.


Centre for e-Governance (CeG), is the Registrar with UIDAI and is the nodal agency for Aadhaar implementation in the State.

CeG through implementation of Karnataka Resident Data Hub (KRDH), has intended to offer various Aadhaar related and e-sign services to the departments of the State. KRDH provides various supporting functions to enable departments to streamline the end to end benefit disbursal process, i.e. from the point of identification of a beneficiary to the point of benefit disbursal to the beneficiary.

CeG is registered as the Authentication Service Agency (ASA), e-KYC Service Agency (KSA), Authentication User Agency (AUA), e-KYC User Agency (KUA) with UIDAI to render Aadhaar based Authentication and e-KYC services to various customers, partners and stakeholders. Usage of Aadhaar is observed in Direct Benefit Transfer, e Sign, Authentication, e-KYC services etc.


Karnataka Resident Data Hub (KRDH)


KRDH has been built as platform to provide Aadhaar related and e-Sign services to Departments of Karnataka State.


Authentication Services:

As per Section 7 of Aadhaar Act 2016 stipulated that as a condition for receipt of subsidy, benefit or Service for which the expenditure is incurred from consolidated Fund of India or Consolidated fund of State. The beneficiary may require to undergo Aadhaar authentication or furnish proof of Aadhaar number to receive such benefits from Government of Karnataka.

For performing Aadhaar authentication of Beneficiaries Department should become AUA (Aadhaar Authentication Agency). Departments needs to apply to UIDAI for AUA/ASA licenses.

CEG (KRDH) team will facilitate and help departments to apply for AUA/ASA license with UIDAI.CEG will guide the Department on onboarding process and bridge the gap between Department and UIDAI.

Once After obtaining the AUA/ASA licenses CEG(KRDH) ,Technical Team will support Departments if any issues faced, While performing Aadhaar authentication transactions.


For any queries mail to KRDH Supprort


e-Sign Services: 

As per Information Security Act 2000 e-Sign has been approved as replacement of manual Signature, authenticated with Aadhaar number.

CEG KRDH will provide e-sign service set up and support to the respective departments as well as it supports to on board the departments by providing required Technical support to integrate their application with e-sign API and CEG KRDH environment.

Once onboarding, CEG_KRDH team will provide required e-signs to Department applications to be used by citizens at zero cost.

For any queries mail to KRDH Supprort



What KRDH does?


As part of ASA, KSA services KRDH has established network connectivity to the Hebbal & Manesar data Centers of UIDAI to ensure maximum availability. The AUA/ KUA connect to the CIDR through an ASA/ KSA (either by becoming ASA/ KSA on its own or contracting services of an existing ASA/KSA). The authentication and e-KYC requests of the registered AUAs/ KUAs are routed to UIDAI through the ASA/ KSA channel.

KRDH also assists the State Government departments in the end to end Authentication User Agency (AUA), e-KYC User Agency (KUA) integration with UIDAI. KRDH works closely with the technical team of the department and proactively assists them towards the AUA/ KUA onboard process and also towards integration of Aadhaar based authentication services in the service delivery process of the department.




  1. Provides assistance in the end to end integration process for requesting entity (AUA/ KUA). i.e; Guide the departments from submitting the AUA/ KUA request to UIDAI through successful Go-Live.
  2. Provide the ASA/ KSA services to the department at no additional charge to the departments
  3. Assistance for trouble shooting of errors during authentication transactions.
  4. Providing the sample code both in Java and .Net/C# as per department requirement.


On-Boarding process:


  • Request from Department: To adopt services, departments need to request for Centre for e-Governance through Letter/ Mail.
  • Get approval:After getting approval from CeG , API Specification document and user credentials will be provided to department.
  • API Integration:Departments need to integrate APIs in their Application.
  • Test the application:After completion of integration/development process application needs to be tested using testing URL.
  • Move to Production:On success full test cases, CeG will give approval to department for production.




  • Authentication Service Agency (ASA):ASAs are agencies that have established secured leased line connectivity with the CIDR compliant with UIDAI's standards and specifications. ASAs offer their UIDAI-compliant network connectivity as a service to requesting entities (such as AUAs/KUAs) and transmit their authentication requests to CIDR.



  • e-KYC User Agency (KUA):shall mean a requesting entity which, in addition to being an AUA, uses e-KYC authentication facility provided by the Authority;


  • Namescape:Namescape is a Tool used for comparison of String to String.


  • Esign: As per Information Security Act 2000 e-Sign has been approved as replacement of manual Signature, authenticated with Aadhaar number.





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