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About Mailing Services​

Karnataka is a leader among states in India in use of Information and Communication Technologies in governance and providing services to its citizens. Government of Karnataka has launched numerous applications for e-governance over last decade.

Government increasingly uses email as a means of communication though traditional letters remain main communication medium. Email communication is recognized as a medium of official communication as per IT Act 2000.

Create email id:
To avail the email id, the user has to submit the physical email ID account creation form with recommendation of head of the department.



Privacy Policy

  • The email ID account which is obtained by USER, used only for the official purpose.

  • The email ID account will created only in the name of designation not in the name of any individual.

  • The Users shall requested to change their password at first login.

  • The USER should inform formally to CEG once his/her service is no longer that designation if need to reset the password.




Email ID Form : Download here




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