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To develop and to maintain all government websites visually uniform, physically challenged friendly and user friendly. To adhere to Government of India Website Guidelines (GIGW), cccessibility guidelines, and “Adopting Kannada Development Authority's Recommendations("Kannada Abhivruddhi Pradhikara") to maintain and host Government Websites.

Implementing an "Content Management System" for uploading information to websites Developing and maintaining government websites under the same platform as the government. Implementing safety standards. Provide adequate information through websites.

Implementing Web site management system for non-technical staff, Fourth Domain Registrations and Departments to save effort, time and resources for the end users.


Web sites are the most effective communication medium at this time of information technology. Web sites are the only solution for connecting citizens, entrepreneurs and visitors. Various departments provide services to Citizens (G2C), Government Employees (G2G) and Government to Business (G2B) Services to Citizens and External Organizations.

The e-Governance Central Website Division and Website Ownership of the Website maintain separate responsibilities. The website division registers a uniform domain at the request of the departments. Responsible for creating staffing website auditing, security certification, hosting and maintaining data and maintaining the website template, including all standards.

Website Owner Organizations (Departments, Corporations, Boards, Organizations, Societies), updating information on the Website from time to time.

Appointment of the Deputy Secretary and his / her officer as the sole liaison between the Department of E-Governance and the Department and overseeing the Website Information Management. Content Creator, Content Moderator and Content Approver must be hired to upload the information to the website. Departments or proprietorships own the copyright of information uploaded to the website.

Date of Commission

The Karnataka Webportal project was launched in 2008. Initially it was operating under the Directorate of Electronic Citizen Service Delivery. e-Governance Centre has been operating since 2009


The Karnataka Web Portal team at e-Governance Centre is making an effort to provide uniformity to all government websites.

Workflow Process

Request letter from departments or government organizations that wish to have website and submit a letter of appointment of Nodal Officer, Content Creator, Moderator and Approver to the e-Governance Centre.

Web site is created on request basis. The suggested staff will then be given one-day practical training on site management and information on the site.

After training, departments are provided with a webpage on the staging server with a view to facilitating uploading of information to the website.

After uploading the information in accordance with the standards, the departments have to give permission to host the website.

Once the approval letter is received, the department's website security measures (audit and SSL) are implemented. Once the pre-publishing process is complete, the site will be hosted in the Karnataka Data Centre.



Web sites published and maintained by the e-Governance Center



Training given to the staff of departments



Websites that are constantly updating online



Online Applications



Development and hosting of CM’s portal



Chief Secretary's Website Management (Official Review, MyGOK, Government Links)



Application and Data Server Management



NIC Web Site Update (150)



Domain registrations



Safety and security testing



Preparing a new website based on information creation, verification and approval policy


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Contact details

Project Director

Address: Karnataka Website Division, e-Governance Centre, B Block, 2nd Floor, Shantinagar BMTC, TTMC Building Bangalore-27

Phone: 080 22230060

Web site: https://ceg.karnataka.gov.in

Email: pd.webportal@karnataka.gov.in; pm.webportal@karnataka.gov.in

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