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MobileOne has the unique distinction of being certified as India's first and the world's largest multi-mode mobile governance platform with a multitude of services. It is a unified mobile platform for delivery of citizens' services, both from the government and the private sector through an open platform, which can accept any service and is thus future-proof. These anytime, anywhere, anyhow services will be available 24x7x365 days at any location in India on any mobile device. The services include G2C, B2C and G2B and can be availed by anyone. The MobileOne platform is integrated across all the telecom operators and works on the concept of delivering all its services through the 'One URL, One Short Code and One App' concept. i.e. the citizen can avail all the services under one access point, thus eliminating the need to visit multiple websites and short/long codes.

Making services available at the fingertips of people across Karnataka has saved residents of Karnataka the time and strains of having to stand in queues in all-weather to access government services, be it payment of taxes, utility bills, traffic violation fines, tracking applications pertaining to passports, birth certificates or university results, etc. MobileOne enables citizens to access the above services and more from anywhere and at any time through any device.

This is all the more important in rural Karnataka where services like Tele-ICU will greatly improve health care and enable villagers to benefit from the expertise of top doctors in the country without having to make the long and expensive journey into the city.

Where earlier, people in rural Karnataka depended on intermittent water supply unaware of a prescribed time for when they could expect water. Nano Ganesh has changed the game. They can now go about their day with minimal disruption and just send a message to the short code when they want the water pump to be switched on, at a time of their convenience.


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